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Labor News

Public school teachers prod Aquino on tax reform bill

BPOs seen to surpass OFW remittances

Just get to work

Tax cut pressed

Economy seen to post faster growth in Q2

Fewer OFW families save, BSP survey shows

Women in Asia get 30% less pay than men - UN official

Jobless rate at 6.5%

More Filipinos jobless last quarter

PAL retrenches 117 employees

Miriam wants City of Dreams probed over worker suspensions

Labor contractualization: A 25-year bane to workers

Flight attendants win gender discrimination case vs PAL

Testing Tanduay

Violence erupts as Tanduay workers go on strike

Rebalancing a ‘one-third’ society - Rene E. Ofreneo

Editorial - Modern slave labor

Overseas Filipino Workers: Organizing for fairer conditions

TUCP: Survey says 4M new poor workers in Philippines

Philippines: Young workers target McDonald's campaign against zero hours contracts

Senate review of labor migration laws hailed

DOLE approves P15 minimum wage

Philippines: Lafarge-Holcim unions consolidate forces

Minimum wage excludes 'disadvantaged' in growth

Maternity protection top issue for Philippine unions

Chronic poverty is fueling child labor in the Philippines

Tax breaks for middle class

For PH call centers, talent pool quickly drying up

DoLE settles strike case

5.59 million child laborers in Philippines, says ILO survey

ILO adopts new protocol to eliminate forced labor

Wage policy and labor regulations have produced an army of poor and low productivity workers


Other News

UPPEJA Fellow proposes reform of labor policies

UPD, Korean institutions promote regional prosperity

International Publication Awards

Dr. Rene E. Ofreneo
International Publication Award 2014
From Asian to Global Financial Crisis: Recovery Amidst Expanding Labor Precarity

Dr. Melisa R. Serrano
UPD Centennial Professorial Chair Award 2014
The Emancipatory Moments of Struggles and Social Experiment
International Publication Award 2014
Between Accommodation and Transformation: The Logics of Union Renewal

Dean Jonathan P. Sale
International Publication Award 2014
Changes in Philippine Labor Relations Policy: Convergence and Divergence of Productivity, Flexibility and Welfare?

Papers presented during the Public Lectures in celebration of UP SOLAIR'S 60th Founding Anniversary and 150th Birth Anniversary of Isabelo de los Reyes

Japanese Demographic Transition
and HRM Practice
Dr. Yuzuru Utsunomiya
Associate Professor, Nagasaki University

Labour Market Flexibility in the Context of Development: A Comparative Analysis of Brazil, India and China
Dr. Anil Verma
Professor, University of Toronto

The rise of the global online job marketplace: Boon or bane for freelance service providers
Dr. Bart Lambregts
University of Amsterdam
and Kasetsart University, Bangkok

Changes in Philippine labour relations policy: Convergence or divergence of productivity, flexibility and welfare?
Dr. Jonathan P. Sale

Handa sa laban araw-araw? Readiness to political action and sense of entitlement: How strong is citizenship in the Philippines
Prof. Niklas Reese
University of Bonn

Combining footloose jobs and mobile people: The particular case of Japanese off shored contact services in Bangkok
Dr. Bart Lambregts
University of Amsterdam
and Kasetsart University, Bangkok

Between Flexibility and Security:
The rise of non-standard employment
Dr. Melisa R. Serrano

Attracting and retaining top talent in today's competitive market: An introduction to employee value proposition
Dr. Virgel C. Binghay

International Publication Awardees 2013

Dr. Emily Christi A. Cabegin
International Publication Award 2013
for her journal article
Gendered Labor Supply Response to Filipino Spouses' Overseas Migration and Remittances

Dr. Melisa R. Serrano
International Publication Award 2013
for her book chapters
The Emancipatory Moments of Struggles and Social Experiments
Critical Consciousness, Transformative Capacities and Emancipatory Elements

Dr. Rene E. Ofreneo and
Dr. Jonathan P. Sale
International Publication Award 2014
for their book chapter Social Security and Migrant Workers in the Philippines: Social Protection for the Country's Economic Protectors

Dr. Rene E. Ofreneo
International Publication Award 2013
Precarious Philippines: Expanding Informal Sector, 'Flexibilizing' Labor Market

SOLAIR Enrolment

The School is experiencing a significant increase in total enrolment per academic year (Figure 1) in its Diploma in Industrial Relations and Master of Industrial Relations degree programs. Total enrolment grew by about 44% from AY 2010-2011 to AY 2013-2014.


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Now Accepting Applicants for Admission for the 2nd Semester AY 2015-16

Application period: August 25 - October 23, 2015

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Comprehensive Exam Schedule for the 1st Semester, AY 2015-16

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Announcement for Thesis Track Students without Advisers


Best Comparative Paper
SAGE European Journal of Industrial Relations/
2013 European ILERA (International Labour & Employment Relations Association) Conference

Paper title:
Between Accommodation & Transformation: The Contending Logics of Union Renewal
by Dr. Melisa R. Serrano


UP Diliman Centennial
Faculty Grant 2013

Paper Title:
Labor Market Governance and Regional Development in the Philippines: Uneven Trends and Outcomes
by Dr. Jonathan P. Sale

New Book:
Between Flexibility and Security: The Rise of Non-Standard Employment in Selected
ASEAN Countries

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Non-standard forms of employment are on the rise in many countries, including countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. This is one key finding of our study involving non-standard employment in formal enterprises in six ASEAN countries, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. The need for numerical flexibility as a way to reduce the cost of longer-term employment is the main driver behind the decision of companies to use non-standard forms of employment. The demand for further flexibilisation of the workplace comes with the need for an adaptable and disposable workforce.

New Book:
The Pursuit of Alternatives
Stories of peoples' struggles across the globe are testaments to their determination to resist exploitation and injustice, and to imagine and construct their own narratives of economic and political difference. These stories of emancipatory moments demonstrate that something radically different in terms of dominant socio-economic relations and mental conceptions of the world may arise out of and beyond capitalism. The Pursuit of Alternatives: Stories of Peoples' Economic and Political Struggles Around the World presents a fresh and new perspective on how the 'process of becoming' alternatives might take place based on peoples' lived experiences. The chapters here, by labour activists and academics, explore how various forms of peoples' economic and political initiatives and struggles in six countries – Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and South Korea .... read more
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